About us

Mikeze is the bookmark management tool that makes your life easier. Our approach is simple. Give people a space where they can bookmark their favorite websites, videos and online doucuments. Then let them add more, organize it, customize it and acess it on there computer, phone and tablet.

Life is fast paced and complicated. Your online life is even more fast paced and complicated. Our goal at Mikeze is to show you how to bookmark easily. Not just a simple text bookmark but, a screen shot of the website. Our bookmarking tool gives you a favorites page for any and every category you want. This will reduce the time and frustration spent managing your life online. School, Videos, Bills, etc.

You go to the same websites almost daily and at least weekly or monthly. Multiple Email Accounts, Social Networks, Bills…..the list goes on and on. You usually have to go to a search engine or browser bar to type in or search for the web page every single time. Now try that on your phone.

And each time you go online you start from scratch. Why not set up how you work and come into the internet ready to go everyday, anywhere. This is where Mikeze comes in. We have developed a simple to use bookmarking tool.

Mikeze allows you to easily bookmark websites visually. You then can create folders and subfolders. You then can move your bookmarks to the related folders. And once you’re done using the bookmarks you can easily delete them. Get in and get out!

That’s it! Fast and simple access to your favorite things online. No matter what browser or device, we are there to help you get your life back. Mikeze makes e-life easier. Fast, Fun and efficient. Get it today!

Your Elife is Now Easier with Mikeze

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other users view the content I save on Mikeze?
No. Mikeze is your personal online advanced bookmarking tool that stores all your web pages and content into your account. Your private content will not be put on display. This is not a social bookmarking tool open for everyone.
Can I share my content with other people?
No. Not at this time. We will let you guys decide. If demand calls for it…maybe. We are really more focused on it being just for you but if enough people want it…we’ll think about it.
Am I limited to saving content only in the pre-defined folders?
Absolutely not...you can create as many custom folders as you like and save your content in a way that makes most sense to you.
How can I customize my interface?
Along with creating and organizing your folders how you like, you can change your background to a variety of backgrounds. We will contiually add backgrounds for you to choose from.
Where is all my content stored?
Your content is stored primarily as links in your personal online account.