Revolutionizing the way you manage your e-life.

Who is Mikeze for? Everyone.


Access and watch your favorite videos, keep track of vacation photos, save popular music stations and keep your favorite sites at the tip of your fingers.


Easily access online resources that you use daily for work, like spreadsheets, documents, related sites, articles or media that you need to help get the job done. Save what's important and easily share information with your colleagues.


Make studying and research easier by organizing all your articles, tutorials, notes and docs in custom folders. You can even share your knowledge with a friend. Study documents and notes on the go with your mobile phone or tablet.

Just Random

Cookie recipes. Kitten photos. 90's music videos. Trendy clothing sites. Political articles. Health tips. Magic tricks. Save any web page and view it later.

What makes Mikeze different?

It's just for you.

Mikeze is made for you and only you. What you save online is your business, not everyone else's. You should share only when you want to, but not because there's no other options.

It's easy.

Mikeze eliminates the hassle of random bookmark folders across multiple browsers and keeps all your saved content in one place. It even has intuitive technology that helps you figure out where you should save your content. All your content can be saved to premade categories or you can create your own custom folders.

We make it interesting.

Make Mikeze your own. Add your own background design or keep it simple. Or enter a whole new world by accessing your alternative interactive interface! Who knew saving content could be efficient and cool?